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All Gravy is a company that provides employee engagement solutions for the hospitality and retail industries. All Gravy offers employers tools to improve employee well-being, including flexible pay, training, and communication. 

The company also provides insights into employee turnover, happiness, and performance. All Gravy has a 70% adoption rate, high app rating, and retention rate among its users.

Palett is a revolutionary meal delivery service that prioritizes both taste and health. Palett’s team of chefs and nutritionists work together to create delicious, convenient and colorful meals that inspire customers to make healthier choices. 

With their unique meal kit option and take-away service through partnerships with leading delivery companies, Palett makes it easy for customers to enjoy healthy meals at home or on-the-go. We believe that Palett’s innovative approach to meal delivery will set them apart in the industry and we are excited to be a part of their growth.

Introducing Pluto, the premier investing app for connecting and collaborating with friends. With Pluto, you can see your friends’ portfolios, get notified when they trade, and discuss the latest market opportunities. Investing with Pluto is easy and affordable, you can start with as little as $1. With Pluto, you can also share tips and discuss the markets with your friends, helping you make more informed investment decisions.

Sign up now to see what your friends are up to and get notified when they make a move. Invest smarter and have more fun with Pluto.

Adress is a Norwegian startup that aims to help people achieve their dream of owning a home. It offers a flexible and innovative solution that allows customers to rent a home of their choice from Adress while saving up for a down payment. 

Customers can choose any home on the secondary market from finn.no, which Adress will buy and rent out to them until they are ready to buy it themselves. Alternatively, customers can choose new homes that have a move-in date 2 to 3 years ahead.

Legal Desk is a Danish company that provides online legal services for individuals and businesses. Legal Desk’s mission is to make law easy and accessible for everyone by offering automated forms that are created by lawyers and can be used to generate various legal documents such as contracts, wills, powers of attorney, etc. 

Legal Desk also offers guidance and support through phone, chat and email. Legal Desk was founded in 2015 and has since helped more than 100,000 customers with their legal needs.

Simplewire is a Danish company that develops a new method for marking electrical installations, solving a problem as old as electricity itself and greatly improving the efficiency of electrical maintenance.

Simplewire’s patented solution allows digital marking to be embedded in the installation and to be read anywhere along wires and cables instead of only being available where labels are applied. This eliminates the need for physical tags or labels that can be damaged, misplaced or hard to access. Simplewire’s technology also enables smart data management and analytics for electrical installations.

Estaid is a Danish company that provides a digital service platform that makes it easier and more efficient for professionals to invest in real estate. Estaid offers a one-stop shop for property data and a tool that facilitates collaboration across teams and organizations when a property changes hands. 

Estaid’s main products include Estaid Portfolio, which ensures a streamlined, scalable and secure data management solution with real-time insights across the entire property portfolio, and Estaid Valuation, which enables fast and accurate valuation of properties based on data-driven models.

Comundo is a Danish company that provides a datahub for a sustainable future. Comundo helps businesses get on top of their CO2 emissions by offering fully automated and accurate climate reports based on actual consumption rather than estimates. 

Comundo also helps businesses reduce and compensate for their emissions by providing insights and recommendations.

Strise is a Norwegian company that provides a KYC intelligence system that automates and simplifies the process of customer due diligence. Strise uses natural language processing and machine learning to collect and analyze data from various sources and generate insights and reports on customer risk profiles. 

Strise also offers continuous KYC monitoring and alerts on changes that affect customer risk levels.

MarketReader is a US-based market analytics company that empowers all investors to understand why the market is moving in real time. MarketReader supercharges market analysis by identifying and explaining asset price moves using data science and natural language generation. 

MarketReader provides clear, objective and professional-grade insights that help investors and advisors make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Toddle is a no-code alternative to full-featured Javascript frameworks. It is used to build large-scale web apps with all the tools you need to build high-end products like Instagram, Twitter, or AirBnB. 

Toddle is developer-light and can help you succeed with fewer developers. It has built-in live collaboration, version control and hosting.

GamerPay is a dedicated gaming skin marketplace that revolutionizes the way gamers trade and view skins in real time. 

Based in the heart of the esports industry, GamerPay enhances the trading experience by offering 3D viewing capabilities and ensuring zero-risk peer-to-peer transactions using advanced security measures.

SmallClaims is a digital platform transforming small legal claims management. By automating case filing and court communications, it allows businesses to focus on core tasks. 

The platform offers a seamless, transparent legal process without the need for physical court appearances. With a blend of customer-centricity and data-driven automation, SmallClaims provides an efficient and scalable legal solution.

NordInsights is a healthtech solution that is redefining the way radiology departments ensure MRI safety. 

NordInsight streamlines the MRI scanning process by offering an innovative, browser-based implant database. This tool is designed to de-risk patient safety during MRI scans, providing radiologists with confidence in their procedures.

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