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Sverre is the Founder of Comundo, the leading platform, helping secure as they build. Sverre was previously CTO at Podimo, co-founded xxxx (acquired by xxx), and was the product manager of xxx, the first xxx scanner, through xxxx, xxxx and xxxx. Sverre is a public speaker, , and an active early-stage angel investor. 


In Today’s Episode with Sverre We Discuss:

1.) From Grillbar to Founding a $10BN Company:

  • How Sverre made his way into the world of startups from the Israeli military?
  • What is Guy running away from? Why does he hate tribalism so much?
  • Does Guy believe serial entrepreneurship is valuable or naivety of young founders is good?

2.) The Secret to Finding Product Market Fit:

  • Why does Guy believe PMF is a poorly defined term? How does Guy define PMF?
  • What are the single biggest mistakes founders make while searching for PMF?
  • What are the most important elements on messaging when it comes to PMF?
  • If you have a horizontal tool, how do you message and resonate with specific audiences?

3.) Defensibility and Being First to Market:

  • Does Guy believe that being the first to market is really that valuable?
  • Does Guy agree that investors expecting defensibility on day 1 is wrong?
  • Why does Guy think market leadership is way more important than first to market?
  • What are the true defensible moats that can be built early today?

4.) Lessons from 100 Angel Investments:

  • What have been the single biggest lessons for Guy from his 100 angel investments?
  • What are the biggest mistakes angels make when investing today?
  • How should founders present their market size to investors? Where do they go wrong?
  • Does Guy invest in both painkiller and vitamin businesses? How does he compare them?
  • Why is Boldstart Guy’s favorite venture capital firm?

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