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Our team at consists of experienced individuals with diverse backgrounds in entrepreneurship, business development and technology. Our team has a strong track record as founders, employees, investors, and advisors. Our expertise is in a variety of sectors, including e-commerce, IT, software engineering, digital product development, program management, digital marketing, fintech, esport, web3, and performance marketing. We have a passion for working with tech startups and helping them achieve success through our expertise, network and funding.

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Managing Partner


Jesper Weltström

Kasper Nygaard

Luca Falda

Mikael Bondum

Oliver Rye

Simon Paag


Join forces with a team of experienced tech aficionados and ex-founders at Our diverse crew of 10 individuals brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship, business development, technology and performance marketing.

With a strong track record as founders, employees, investors, and advisors, we’re well equipped to help startups achieve success. Our passion lies in supporting and guiding tech startups on their journey to success through our expertise, network.

Say goodbye to the traditional, stale venture capital experience and hello to a fresh perspective from a team who’s been there, done that. Let us put our knowledge and connections to work for you and take your startup to the next level.

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